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Best In Class – Next Generation Aviation Headphones

We bring you the industry's best Aviation Headphones for Ramp & Ground Handling (Wireless / Cordless & Wired Communication). Used by some of the world's top ground operations outfits.

Headphones From The World Leader... the first to:

  • Establish a wireless vocal communication system
  • Full Duplexing between the aircraft and the ground crew

Today wireless communication is common in everyday activities, yet within the aircraft/aviation industry it is still quite common to see ground personnel (be it at commercial airports or on military air bases) using corded plug in cable connections to communicate with the aircraft whilst the aircraft is on the ground, which is not only impractical - it has important safety issues. These limitations have been successfully resolved through sound realistic answers for professional users with a view at improving safety and efficiency.

Developed in close cooperation with MSA Group (the worldwide specialist for safety equipment), is our new Wired Headset for Ramp Operation. It’s perhaps the Safest Headset on the market with an attenuation of 33dB.

The Ergonomic Shape is perfectly designed for the human head, assisting handlers to be in ideal work conditions.

Specifically designed for Aeronautic applications they can be used in very noisy environments during Production runs, or on Aircraft for Departures procedures (Push-Back), Maintenance Operations, De-Icing, Towing. etc..

The main system is composed of a Base Unit (connected with the interphone plug of the aircraft if needed) and Mobiles Unit (either integrated in a “Hands-free” headset or in a “Box” version where you can connect a wired headset). As an option you can connect conventional radio (PMR, TETRA….) such as a walky-talky to a Mobile.

Up to 4 Mobile Units (either “Box Style” or “Hands-free” headset types) can form a Wireless Audio Conference with the Base (a total of 5 personnel). The Base can be connected to an Aircraft, that way including Audio Conference with the Cockpit.

The Headphone System is Adaptable to any Civil Aircraft: Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, ATR… etc.